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What is Coupl?

Coupl is India’s first mobile banking app to help couples save towards their shared lifestyle and long-term financial goals. Going forward, we want to build a one stop app for couples to manage all aspects of their joint finances.

No, we are not a bank. We’re a digital banking platform, bringing the best of banking and technology to help couples master their money as a team!

Coupl hosts your joint accounts on RBI-licensed YES Bank.

Your money is directly deposited into your Coupl Account hosted securely with RBI-licensed YES Bank and you can withdraw it at any time. Your money is safe with us!

No, it is open to any two individuals who would like to manage their money together. You can use the app with your partner, parent, sibling, buddy, etc.

Yes, you can definitely use it but it’s ideal to use Coupl with a partner.

None whatsoever. Coupl is totally free to use!


What steps do I need to complete before I can start saving on Coupl? How much time will it take me to sign up on Coupl and start using it?

It’s a super simple 3 step process

  • Enter your mobile number and verify your OTP
  • Enter your PAN
  • Enter you Aadhaar and verify your OTP

Bingo, your Coupl account gets created in less than 2 minutes!

As per the RBI guidelines, you need to verify your KYC to start saving in a secured manner. But don’t worry, your information is confidential and absolutely safe with us.

Yes, you can invite your partner during the onboarding journey.

Good news is, yes, you can.

Yes, you can definitely re-apply.

Coupl Joint Account

How do I create a Joint Coupl account?

Once you sign up on the Coupl app, you’ll be prompted to link your Coupl account with your partner.

You can link your account with any individual with whom you would like to manage your money. You can use the app with your partner, parent, sibling, buddy, etc.

No, you cannot link your Coupl account with multiple people.

You can email us at support@coupl.money or chat with us on Coupl support.

Your Coupl accounts balance is the sum total of your savings across all your savings goals.

o Coupl is a zero balance account! But, given that our vision is to help you master your money as a team, we recommend you to use our app for all your savings goals.

Savings Goals (Pots)

What are savings goals / pots?

Savings goals/pots are piggy banks that you create to categorize and track your saving goals. Most members have created goals for travel, electronics, a first car purchase and the downpayment for their first home!

  • You create the savings pots for the goals you wish to save for
  • You and your partner both have equal visibility to the savings in the pot
  • You can both save towards the same savings pot
  • You create the savings pots for the goals you wish to save for

It’s a simple 3 step process which takes less than 1 minute.

  • Select the category for which you want to save for
  • Name your goal
  • Set your yearly savings target and your monthly savings reminder date

Voilà, your pot gets created and you can start saving on Coupl

  • Enter the amount that you want to deposit.
  • Place the deposit request and the money gets added to your Coupl account.

Place the deposit request and the money gets added to your Coupl account.

  • UPI
  • Netbanking
  • Ideally, we would advise you to add money to your savings pots at the beginning of every month.
  • However, you can add money into your savings pots as and when you wish to. We give you complete flexibility.

Good news, is yes, you can!

Yes, of course! You and your partner can save towards the same savings pot.

No, you can create as many savings pots as you wish.

You have full flexibility to partially withdraw the money mid-way. Your savings pot remains intact until you decide to terminate it by yourself.

Yes, you can end your existing savings pot. Your savings will get credited to your bank account.


Can I withdraw my deposited money?

Yes, you can withdraw your savings at any point of time on Coupl.

It’s a simple 2 step process

  • It’s a simple 2 step process
  • Enter the withdrawal amount and place the withdrawal request

On successful withdrawal, the money directly gets credited to the linked bank account

The money gets instantly credited to your bank account post withdrawal.

No, we don’t charge you anything for withdrawals. It’s your money after all!

Rewards & Cashbacks

How can I earn cashbacks on Coupl?

You earn cashbacks on Coupl every time you purchase a brand voucher from one of our partner brands.

We’ve partnered with your favourite lifestyle brands across travel, electronics, home decor, jewellery and, cosmetics

  • Nykaa
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Taj Hotels
  • Oberoi Hotels
  • Marriott
  • Croma
  • Urban Ladder
  • Pepper Fry
  • Home Centre
  • GIVA
  • Tanishq
  • O2 SPA

You are eligible to claim your brand cashback once you’ve purchased brand vouchers of your favourite brands on Coupl.

Your brand cashbacks are credited to the bank account you’ve linked with Coupl.

You can redeem your brand vouchers at all offline and online stores of the participating brands. You can even couple these vouchers with existing discounts offered by the brand!

If any of the stores refuses to accept it, reach out to us at support@coupl.money with the details of that store and we will get it rectified immediately.

You can email us at partnerships@coupl.money telling us which brands you’d like to see on our app the next time you visit.

You can directly buy a brand voucher at any time you wish to! You can view partner brands across each savings category or visit the Rewards section on the app.